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The Mahoney Dog

This post has nothing to do with jazz. I am compelled to write about a rite of passage  all pet owners must undergo. That is, the death of an animal.  It does make you think about your own mortality and life in general. I had Mahoney for 17 years. We finally put him under about a week ago.  I didn’t  think it would effect me in the way that it did.  Lots of emotion on that day. At least his suffering is over and thats a relief.

RIP Mahoney Dog


hanging with the dogs


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In this blog post

1. Discoveries on the internet is now updated
3. More music to be recorded Nov. 7 at St. Clement’s Church

I wanted to mention a few I have been away from the computer for awhile. Check out This link will point to the list of songs that are considered jazz standards. (about 700). You can read the entry which provides the criteria for the selections.  I very much liked the Amazon widget which has short sound files of the different versions, Very handy for a musicians and a real kick to listen to the various approaches.

One of the definitions from the site: A “jazz standard” is a composition that is held in continuing esteem and is commonly used as the basis of jazz arrangements and improvisations.

Note from Founder: Jeremy Wilson was developed by Jeremy Wilson, a jazz fan and information management specialist. When looking for documentation on jazz standards a few years ago he found it was available, but spread out and direly in need of centralization and preservation.

Using newspaper archives, liner notes, websites and books, many of which are out of print, he has documented the origins of the top 100 jazz standards. And more are on the way.

All in all, I highly recommend this site. Hopefully, you will find it as interesting as I did. is now updated

After a long haul and an epic battle with procrastination (I won) I have finally had my main site updated. I’ve even included a chat box (meebo) that connects to many other chat applications. Feel free to pay the site a visit and if you have some recommendations please send them my way. I now have a “Listening Room” on the site where you can stream my last 2 musical projects.

Another Live Recording is on the way Nov 7 in Montreal

After much consideration/soul searching I have decided to record another session at St. Clement’s Church. I enjoy so many tunes that it’s sometimes very difficult to choose which one to record. It’s a bit different with my originals, I prefer to listen to them once recorded as this lets me analyze them (over and over, LOL) and from that….I make the changes that fit with my concept. It’s not a speedy process,  and it does get a bit messy but I have to claim it as my own.

till the next post. cheers

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FREE LIVE AUDIO-Geoff Lapp Trio At St. Clement’s

gig news…..look below for my new live audio

My next show is Sept. 24 & 25. I will perform a short solo piano gig for En Direct du Verdun.

Afternoon jazz anyone?  Nov 7,2009  at St. Clement’s Anglican Church at 3pm.

I will tour France with FRANÇOIS RICHARD & the NOUVEL ORCHESTRA for 2 weeks in Nov. and then head over to Ottawa on Sunday, Nov. 29,2009 to  play the Chamber Music at Cleary series with my trio. If you live in Ottawa, please drop by and say hello.

Venue: First Unitarian Ottawa, Worship Hall,  30 Cleary Ave.

Cost:$20 (students: $12)


Yes, I now have all the music online now from our last show. This was recorded live at St. Clement’s in Montreal.  Some of these tunes will be re-recorded for my next release.  I Hope you enjoy them.

Note: This is un-mastered. It was a very hot,humid night. Our drummer, Dave Laing played mostly brushes due to sound constraints.

A big thank you to  Paul Johnston, our bassist (also an excellent sound engineer) who recorded this as a gift to the band.  Thanks Paul! I also want to thanks  his assistant who came in for the session.

Geoff Lapp Trio Live At St. Clement’s Anglican Church,Aug 22, 2009, at 4322 Wellington St. in Montreal.

SETLIST (click to listen; right-click/ctrl-click to download)

If you enjoy, please help fund my next self financed CD by donating via paypal or any other means Pay via Paypal

Download Album




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Summer Jazz Nights In Verdun/Len’s Tribute & Up North Jazz

Montreal Jazz Festival 2009
I had a good time at various jam sesions during the Montreal Jazz Festival. It was great to run into musicans I have not seen in some 20 odd years. Our playing has matured and it’s wonderful to hear that. I had the pleasure of catching  Bill Charlap and Branford Marsolas..both excellent shows.
RIP  Len Dobbin
I was able to honor the memory of Len Dobbin at his memorial tribute show at L’astral on August 9.  Dave Turner, Jim Hillman, Adam Over and I played a tune that was dedicated to Len by Pepper Adams.  The tune is called “Dobbin” and it’s a classic minor bebop. The  turnout was great and we were happy to honour him in this way.
New and in Year One : Mont-Tremblant Jazz Festival
Going up North this Sunday?  I also perform at Mont-Tremblant Jazz Festival  with FRANÇOIS RICHARD & the NOUVEL ORCHESTRA, at 19h30 – He is a flautist who is adventerous. If you in the region, stop by.  Our show is $25 but there are also some free shows in and about town.
Music @ St. Clement’s Jazz Series
I am getting ready to record some new material at my upcoming concert.(Sat, Aug 22 – 8 pm : 4322 Wellington Street) If the acoustics in the church work..we will release a new CD.
The theme for the concert series is “She Walks In Beauty” which is based on a Lord Byron poem. Roland Graham wrote the melody and each ensemble (there are 8 of them) will interpet the music.  I had fun re-harmonizing the melody. It’s very nice.   All the shows are Free, but donations are acepted and given to the musicans. Roland has done a great job in promoting music here in Verdun.
Enjoy the toasty weather while it lasts
Signing out..In Jazz
Join Us

Join Us

Summer Jazz Nights In Verdun, originally uploaded by Geoff Lapp Trio.

I’ll be performing on night of Aug 22 at St. Clements Anglican Church.

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A list of jazz musicians on Twitter

There will be more to come. There may be a few mistakes.


@JimmyCobb @tedwarren @JohnRileyJazz @mikeclarkdrums @mattwilsonjazz @mikeclarkdrums  @alvinqueen


@johngoldsby @TheDaveHolland @derrickhodge @solobasssteve @brianpatneaude @BrianBlade


@rgambarini @sophiemilman @kellyleeevans @e_c_b @erinbodeband @djjazziedeb @kerrymarsh @amycervini @DianaKrall @lainiecooke @ @jillbarber @ElliFordyce @jazzcrooner  @tammehunt @jazzcrooner


@dancrayjazz @sunnagunnlaugs @vijayiyer @geoffreykeezer @jeffLorber @ChickCorea  @HerbieT@ryshpanmusic @vijayiyer  @geofflapptrio  @peterpiano @kennywerner @MarcusMiller959 @chrispottermusic @chrisdonnelly99 @christarry and um @mattwilsonjazz


@ Sanfordcisco @Gregosby  @mbase @wyntonmarsalis @JoshuaRedman @SeamusBlake @NelsonHarrison @JohnRileyJazz




@derrickhodge @bennybone @jimmygreene @scottmclemore @brianlynchmusic @darcyjamesargue @chrispottermusic @chrisdonnelly99 @christarry  @michgreg @geofflapptrio


@JazzWax  @AllAboutJazz @checkoutjazz @accujazzradio @jazzbeyondjazz @blogsupreme @Elementsofjazz @jazzrochester@APassion4Jazz

Jazz Journalists:

@JamesHale @jasondcrane @JazzRadioNet@peterhum

Etc & Misc:

@CanadianJazz @DailyJazzTweets @jazzvideoguy @jazzcrowd @JAZZSPACE @mjmricci @JAZZthingTV @peltjazz @aparksmusic @massimobio


@smallsjazzclub @cellarjazz @Caponesjazz  @vilniusjazzYardbirdSuite @maisondujazz


@GooisJazzF MaltaJazz @dejazzfest @indyjazzfestoslojazzOxJazz @MtlJazzFestival @LisbonJazzSS@EdinburghJazz @JazzSudburySthlmJazzFest@StockholmJazz


@ErieJazz @jazz883kcck @mrjazzjr @wijsf @Jazz DJ @JazzySaturdays @TheJazzPhD

Podcasts: @jazzgr

Jazz Biz: @JazzWeek

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Host A Jazz House Concert @ Your Place Or Mine

House Concerts In Your Home



Some facts about the new project: These events are semi-private, mostly promoted by the host and artist through emails and personal invitations. You can also visit this page on the blog for a How To Guide.

  • Watch the Video at to find out all about how to be a host. They are  catching on.  Just find me a piano and we will be there.

Or  I can host one at my house. If  I host:

  • We can host 20-30 people.If needed, we have access to a loft.
  • If you wish to attend please send an email to and put in subject line “Jazz House Concerts”
  • There is no fixed admission. It is a suggested donation.
  • RSVP Only
  • Snacks will be provided.
  • Note: It’s a smoke free house. Well, most of the time.
  • We also have dogs & cats.
  • Shoes to be left at door. Japanese style.

Let me know if you want to participate .

Geoff Lapp

Geoff Lapp Trio – Day Dream

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Twiturm – Share your music or mine on Twitter

Twiturm – Share your music on Twitter

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Jazz Musicians and the Twitter Phenomena

Welcome to yet another blog.  It’s Under construction as you can see. Put your hat on. Coming soon a list of Jazz musicians on Twitter.Under ContructionYup…I am using Twitter, You can Follow me here. You will have to send  a request as it’s private. If you prefer you can follow the @Canadianjazz account here. It’s  used to broadcast Canadian Jazz which then gets listed

If you are a Canadian jazz musician  point me to your publicly hosted  MP3.  I will feature it.  It’s placed on the website which puts the track into a compact Flash player for listening.  “No smooth jazz, please!”

Tweet my tune
It’s called “Yo Bro”. You can also download it here

Tune Descriptions: excerpted from a review by Ken Dryden on

The funky, hard bop “Zack in the Box” seems like a perfect vehicle for a late night driving scene in a film, while “Yo Bro” utilizes a simple riff as a starting point for a delightful jazz excursion, powered by Laing’s on-the-money percussion.

Tweet Zack In The Box-also available to download

I hope you enjoy them.

Geoff Lapp Trio
Jazz Pianist
Jazz Source Records
Montreal, Canada
Visit MyBlogLog and get a signature like this!

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Tune In


Stained Glass is available for purchase at Itunes, cdbaby or call 1-800-BUY-MY-CD. For the best deal: click on this link for the reduced purchase price of $7.25.

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If you enjoy~ Please feel free to donate Notes: 7-track album in your choice of 320k mp3, or FLAC. Some of these tunes will be re-recorded for my next release.They are un-mastered and were recorded live at St. Clement's Anglican Church Aug. 22, 2009 in Verdun. It was a very hot,humid night. Our drummer, Dave Laing played mostly brushes due to sound constraints.I Hope you enjoy the tunes!

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